Christoph Ratzke


cratzke (at) mit. edu

Christoph's scientific interests range widely from biology to physics and everything in between. After studying biochemistry, he did his PhD in single-molecule biophysics, followed by a postdoc at the MIT to explore the secret life of microbe. (CV)

Xiaozhou Ye

PhD Student

ye_xiaozhou (at)

Xiaozhou studied Biology and Physics in Bejing and explores how properties of complex microbial communities emerge from the species interactions within them.

Shubham Gajrani

PhD Student

shubhamgajrani4210 (at)

With a background in microbiology and bioinformatics Shubham explores how we can use microbial interactions to prevent and fight microbial infections.

Jocksan Villavicencio-Villavicencio


jocksanv (at)

Jocksan studies Genomic Sciences at the National Autonomous University of Mexico and is doing his bachelor thesis with us. He explores how population dynamics in complex communities can favor cooperative behavior.


Jonas Denk

Visiting PhD Student from LMU Munich 2016

jonas.denk (at)

Jonas is a theoretical physicist by training that dared to try experimental wet lab work. He explored how microbes can kill their own populations by deteriorating the environment which got published in Nature Ecology and Evolution. He is currently a postdoc at Berkeley.

Julien Barrere

Visiting Student from ETH Zurich 2017-2018

jbarrere (at)

Julien studied microbial ecology at ETH Zurich before joining the lab as a visiting student. He explored how interactions between microbes set the biodiversity and stability of complex natural communities. His work got published in Nature Ecology and Evolution. Julien currently works in the Murray Lab, at Harvard, on the evolution of multicellularity.

Jonas Rybnicek

Visiting Student from University of Helsinki 2019

jrybnicek (at)

After his bachelor in biomedical sciences Jonas explored what makes microbial communities multistable. He currently studies at the University of Helsinki