We welcome students at all career levels.

We are seeking for students on all levels that are interested in working a multidisciplinary environment in between microbiology, systems biology/biophysics and ecology. Accordingly, our lab is open for students from all those or related fields. It is not required - but beneficial - to have experience in all of these subjects, but what is required is an affinity towards interdisciplinary work, high motivation, critical and conceptual thinking.

We have currently several possible project to work on, quite a few of them with established protocols and preliminary data. These projects range from more biological to more physics-type questions, from more microbiological towards more ecological approaches, from simple microbial systems towards host-microbiome interplay. Therefore, there is project for every taste.
Possible directions are:

If you are interested or want to find out more what the lab is working on please don't hesitate to contact:

Christoph Ratzke, christoph.ratzke (at) cmfi.uni-tuebingen.de