September, 2023: Welcome Veronika! Veronika joined us as an Erasmus Intern to explore how social microbes are.

August, 2023: Two new papers from our group are out. One describing how nematodes chose their food in Communications Biology and another perspective for Trends in Ecology and Evolution. See publications for more details.

August, 2023: Welcome Ameena! Ameena joined us as a PhD student to study host-microbiome interactions. Check out the team page for more details.

June, 2023: Or won the poster award at the "Infection Biology in the Age of the Microbiome" conference. Congrats! Next stop, nobel prize.

December, 2022: Or was awarded with a Walter-Benjamin Fellowship to use (good) microbes against (bad) microbes. Congratulations Or!

November, 2022: With Denijel the first Master student finished his thesis in our lab. In lack of a real graduation hat he gets this virtual one. Congratulations Deni!

July, 2022: Welcome Karl! Karl joined us as a PhD student and aims to predict features of microbial systems. Check out the team page for more details.

June, 2022: New preprint is online. Worms chose their bacterial food wisely to optimize fitness. Work by Perez-Escudero lab with smaller contributions from our side.

May, 2022: Welcome Albane! Albane is a fellow of the Cluster of Excellence for Machine Learning and is (co-)hosted by our lab. Check out the team page for more details.

April, 2022: Welcome Fatima! Fatima joined us as PhD student and will explore more the medical side of microbial communities. See the team page for more details.

March, 2022: Christoph will participate in the lecture "Bioinformatic Methods in Microbiology" this summer semester. For more details check out the teaching page.

September, 2021: Or and Christoph wrote a preview article for Trends in Microbiology. Check it out here if you want to know what is going on with this cat. Cat image by Vectorportal.com

September, 2021: Welcome Deni! Deni is our first master student and will explore how we can predict microbial interactions. See the team page for more details.

July, 2021: Welcome Or! Or joined our lab as postdoc and will explore how complex microbial communities can protect against pathogens. Check out the team page for more details.

May, 2021: Shubham won the CMFI Young Investigator's grant to develop a high-throughput pathogenesis assay in C. elegans. Congrats Shubham!

January, 2021: Worms are great! New paper - with minor contributions of us - explores the microbiota assembly in C. elegans. See publications section for details.

January, 2021: Welcome Sarah! Sarah joined us as postdoc and will save the world from infections. Check out the team page for more details.

September, 2020: Good news! We received the ERC Starting Grant 2020 to explore how we can use microbial interactions to treat infections.

August, 2020: Second lecture. Christoph will give a Systems Biology lecture in fall. For more details check out the teaching page.

June, 2020: First Lecture. Christoph will make his first attempt in giving a lecture. For more details check out the teaching page.

February, 2020: Papers out. Christoph's paper got published in Nature Ecology and Evolution and Dani's in Science Advances .

February, 2020: Christoph will give a talk at the Evolving Microbial Communities workshop at the MPI for Evolutionary Biology end of April. --cancelled--

December, 2019: Our new lab homepage is online. Although it needs still some polishing.

December, 2019: Our paper about how bacterial interactions determine biodiversity and stabilty in complex communities was accepted in Nature Ecology and Evolution .

November, 2019: Mostly Dani's and a little bit mine paper about how transient invaders cause lasting changes in microbial ecosystems was accepted in Science Advances.