WS 2020/21
Systembiologie / systems biology
Fridays, 13:30-15:00 s.t. lecture
Tuesdays, 17.00-18.30 s.t. exercise course

Biology has generated huge amounts of data in particular fueled by the high throughput technologies emerging in the last years. This makes the question of how all these discovered ingredients of life work together to form living systems more and more urgent. Systems Biology aims to answer this question, it tries to develop an integrative, more holistic view of life. It tries to discover with a combination of experiments and mathematical approaches how living organisms function as a consequence of the interplay of all their components. This lecture will introduce basic concepts, ideas and techniques of Systems Biology. We will discover how we can model biochemical pathways, how cells can integrate a multitude of signals to react to their environments, what drives the evolution of organisms and finally how organisms come together to form whole populations and ecosystems. The overall goal of this lecture is to complement the very successful, molecular view of biology with more generalizing and conceptual ideas. Accordingly, this lecture will be of interest for students of all molecular life sciences (like Microbiology, Biochemistry or Molecular Cell Biology).
The course will be taught in english.

Slides, video records and problem sets can be found on the Ilias page of the lecture
SS 2020
Bakterielle Anpassungsmechanismen
K. Forchhammer, K. Selim, C. Ratzke

Freitags, 8:30-10 Vorlesung
Dienstag 17.00st-17.30 Übung (ab 23.Juni)

C. Ratzke Termine:
19. Juni, Systembiologie der Anpassung, Einführung, Genregulation
26. Juni, Genregulationsnetzwerke und Netzwerkmotive
3. Juli, Zelluläre Regulation: Anpassung an die Umwelt
10.Juli, Populationsdynamik: Anpassung an die Gruppe
17.Juli, Spieltheorie und mikrobielle Interaktion: Anpassung an andere Spezies

Folien und Übungsblätter sind auf der Ilias-Seite der Vorlesung zu finden