March, 2022: Christoph will participate in the lecture "Bioinformatic Methods in Microbiology" this summer semester. For more details check out the teaching page.

September, 2021: Or and Christoph wrote a preview article for Trends in Microbiology. Check it out here if you want to know what is going on with this cat. Cat image by Vectorportal.com

September, 2021: Welcome Deni! Deni is our first master student and will explore how we can predict microbial interactions. See the team page for more details.

July, 2021: Welcome Or! Or joined our lab as postdoc and will explore how complex microbial communities can protect against pathogens. Check out the team page for more details.

May, 2021: Shubham won the CMFI Young Investigator's grant to develop a high-throughput pathogenesis assay in C. elegans. Congrats Shubham!

January, 2021: Worms are great! New paper - with minor contributions of us - explores the microbiota assembly in C. elegans. See publications section for details.

January, 2021: Welcome Sarah! Sarah joined us as postdoc and will save the world from infections. Check out the team page for more details.

September, 2020: Good news! We received the ERC Starting Grant 2020 to explore how we can use microbial interactions to treat infections.

August, 2020: Second lecture. Christoph will give a Systems Biology lecture in fall. For more details check out the teaching page.

June, 2020: First Lecture. Christoph will make his first attempt in giving a lecture. For more details check out the teaching page.

February, 2020: Papers out. Christoph's paper got published in Nature Ecology and Evolution and Dani's in Science Advances .

February, 2020: Christoph will give a talk at the Evolving Microbial Communities workshop at the MPI for Evolutionary Biology end of April. --cancelled--

December, 2019: Our new lab homepage is online. Although it needs still some polishing.

December, 2019: Our paper about how bacterial interactions determine biodiversity and stabilty in complex communities was accepted in Nature Ecology and Evolution .

November, 2019: Mostly Dani's and a little bit mine paper about how transient invaders cause lasting changes in microbial ecosystems was accepted in Science Advances.